Dmytro Grynov is a Ukrainian dance artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. Dmytro works in the field of contemporary dance, performing arts, cinematography, pedagogy and choreography. His background is based on various dance styles and techniques such as ballroom dance, hip hop, house dance, popping, break dance, voguing, contemporary dance, improvisation, partnering, acting and martial arts.

As a dance artist, Dmytro has performed in numerous projects in both theater and film productions across Europe working with a wide range of dance companies and independent freelance artists. One of the most interesting collaborations has been with dancers from companies such as the Batsheva Dance Company (Guy Shomroni, Erez Zohar, Yaniv Abraham), Göteborgsoperans Danskompani (Jim de Block) and Ultima Vez (Sebastian Mente Maligna, Maria Kolegova).

He has also worked as a freelance dance artist for several companies. Among the best known are Sasha Waltz & Guests, Shifft/Jasper van Luijk, Unusual symptoms/Theater Bremen, Bodytalk, XX Tanz Theater, X Filme, SKY Television, Tom Tykwer, Todd Fields, Every Friday, Xocolat and Grace Euna Kim among others.

From the educational perspective, Dmytro is the founder and creator of the movement practice “Free Limits”, which is one of the main pillars for his profound choreographic work. More detailed information about the “Free Limits” practice and where it was taught can be found on the corresponding tab on the website.

 As assistant choreographer, Dmytro worked with Birgit Freitag for “Aus der Haut Fahren”, Yoshiko Waki for “Glück”, Jim de Block for “Archival Sketches” and Veronica Ruiz for “Ende Neu”.

As a young, emerging choreographer, Dmytro Grynov has already created several dance works for international festivals and in dance houses in the context of creative artistic residencies such as Malta International Arts Festival (Valletta, Malta), Klub Zak (Gdansk,
Poland), Summer Studios at PARTS (Brussels, Belgium), Tanztendenz (Munich, Germany), Zelyonka Fest (Kiev, Ukraine), Adonata Dance Festival (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

His most recent solo work (Dis)connect, which emerged from the curated dance experiment by Carla Petzolt & Miriam Taschler, was successfully presented this year at the the festivals “10 Sentidos” (Valencia, Spain), “Platform 14” (Berlin, Germany) and “EuroScene Leipzig/Ubuntu Connection” (Leipzig, Germany).

One of Dmytro’s last choreographic researches “Shell Shock O’K” was supported by funding programs Joint Adventures NPN Stepping Out, Neustart Kultur, BKM and independent dance theater Schwankhalle Bremen. He is currently working on transforming the results of the research into a full-length production and presenting it to local and international audiences.

Dmytro’s new choreographic research “Homecoming” is a continuation of “Shell Shock O’K” production supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste and is scheduled for early 2023.