“Free Limits” is a guided, structured improvisation course based on the philosophy of effective use of imagination, movement patterns and personal limits. Everyone has some limitations in their own body. How can we create and use our own movement to be powerful and artistically creative in the most organic and efficient way by overcoming our set or pre-existing limitations in body, perception or imagination.

The classes are designed to develop a great awareness of the processes that take place in the student’s body. Emphasis is placed on the various qualities that can affect movement and on conquering the energies that can not only be channeled and generated, but also connected and pursued. ”Free Limits” primarily teaches how to better sense and feel the space, the partner, own body, the energy and the natural cause of the movement, rather than focusing on a specific technique or the precise execution of certain movement patterns.

Usually “Free Limits” is taught in professional dance companies and dance schools for professional and semi-professional dancers and artists coming from different artistic disciplines or sports (circus, acting, mime, martial arts, gymnastics, etc.). The classes are physical and demanding in terms of movements, qualities, creativity and challenges that the students have to face. It teaches to feel and perceive movement differently, to move more powerfully and efficiently in space, to use less energy, and most importantly, it teaches to have fun and find yourself in a variety of dance techniques and movements. “Free Limits” offers a lot of flexibility and can be easily adapted for non-professional students and people who do not have sufficient movement experience.


100% fun
90% working with boundaries
80% creativity
70% active bodytraining
60% floorwork
50% challenges
40% energy connectivity
30% partner work
20% spiritual practice
10% personal judgment
0% failure.

Dmytro is the founder and creator of the movement practice “Free Limits”, which is one of the main pillars for his profound choreographic work. He has taught his “Free Limits” practice in various professional dance institutions throughout Europe, including Tanzraum Wedding, Dock 11, Tanzfabrik, Dart Studios, Cie Toula Limnaios (Berlin, Germany); K3 Tanzplan, Contemporary Dance School of Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany), Tanz Netzwerk (Bremen, Germany), 4 für tanz (Leipzig, Germany), EBC Danza (Valencia, Spain), Caro Dance Theater (Siedlce, Poland), Aura Dance Theater (Kaunas, Lithuania); Zahadance, Academy of Visual Arts, Laboratoriya teatra (Kharkiv, Ukraine); Teploobmen, Metamorphosis, Pro Contemporary (Kyiv, Ukraine); Proaction (Dnipro, Ukraine). The list of dance institutions interested in the “Free Limits” method is growing every year.